Taking shower for dogs

Things to do when showering your dog

March 13, 2022

When must i shower my Dog ?

Shower for Dogs. Dogs do require regular weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) showering but it depends on many factors, such as the environment the puppy in Singapore live in and type of skin coat on them.

Here are some guidelines:


  • Generally shower for dogs and bathing for your dog occurs once a week or every two weeks. It depends on several factors, it depends on the lifestyle of your dog in Singapore, the skin coat of your dog and its breed and the weather condition.
  • For dogs with longer skin coats, Give them a good clean bath once week or every two weeks. Brush them every three-four times a week to remove any dirt and keep their fur nice and clean.
  • For dogs with short skin coats, Give them a good bath also once week or every two weeks. Brush them every week to remove any dirt and keep their fur nice and clean.

In fact avoid bathing too often, otherwise you will strip your dog’s skin coat of natural oils from their body, it will cause them to become dry and will be susceptible to dandruff and frizziness. Some bath products may cause dryness or irritate the skin of the dog


Where and how must I shower my Dog?

Pet owners of small to medium size dogs in Singapore have added advantage; they can use a small section of bath area or a small bath tub and a standard shower head.

Do note that most dogs do not like water to be too cold, normal temperature water will do. Do be wary about the spray stream of water from the shower head, many do not like strong splashes, adjust it to normal speed of spray stream from shower head.

The recommended steps:

Showering your dog puppy


  • Use a Brush  on your dog before the shower. Because if not dried proper after bath, tangled hair will trap water it will cause irritated skin.
  • Use normal temperature or lukewarm water. Water that is too hot can burn the dog’s skin. For larger dogs go a little cooler, as their body temperature is higher, warm water can overheat their body.
  • Dogs generally do not like bathing. Some will run and hide the moment they know it is showering time. To most of them they think that this bath time is torture. Try to “talk” to your pet in a calm voice. They will eventually know that you’re not torturing them. And the struggle will be somehow be reduced.
  • Apply the Dog bath shampoo into a lather and massage it all over the dog. Do not to get bath shampoo in their eyes. Use a recommended Dog Shampoo bath products.
  • When shower for dogs, rinse off the bath shampoo thoroughly. Any bath shampoo that is left on their fur can irritate.
  • Do a simple towel drying to get most of the water and moisture off the dog. DO NOT rub vigorously with the towel in all directions, doing this motion only causes tangles in the fur. And let it Air-dry.
  • Starting the towel drying from dog’s head and work backward towards their tail, you should prepare two or three towels to prevent the towel getting too damp to dry the dog. Remember to dry down to their belly, legs and paws.
  • If you are going to blow-dry, we recommend to get a blow-dryer designed for dogs; because the dog blow-dry with lower temperatures will prevent any itching or dandruff.
  • You can do simple grooming by giving your Dog dental care, Ear care and Paw care, after the bath.
  • Give a reward to your dog right after the shower as a positive reinforcement. It should be a very special treat, something given only after bath time. Give a name of that treat when it is bath time, something he looks forward getting after the bath.

Every pet owner have their technique for showering your dog. Do you have any tricks for getting them into the shower ? Share some in the comments below !


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