Teaching my Dog to listen to commands

4 Basic Commands your puppy should learn

March 18, 2022

Why should i be training my dog to listen to command

Training my dog in Singapore to listen to command. The puppy should know what you expect of him/her. This will give the puppy the ability to meet what is expected from you.

The key is enhancing positive reinforcement, it is usually done by giving the dog a special reward to encourage the behavior you want. It takes patience in helping your new puppy learn how to behave in a certain way.

Teach your dog commands


It starts with giving basic commands to the puppy. Starting with Come, Sit, Stand/Heel and Stay, the four basic commands in training your dog. Train your puppy to listen to these words and act accordingly. You can even use commands in Singapore context, by using dialects in hokkien “Lai”, “Che”, “Theng” and “Kia”, and your pup will learn to listen to commands in dialects.

Note: You need to decide which language to use at the start, in order not to confuse your puppy.

Come “Lai”

  • Leash on your dog.
  • Squat down and say, “Come” (“Lai”) and gently pulling on the leash.
  • When he comes over to you, reward the puppy with a dog snack treat.
  • Once the puppy get use to this command, remove the leash, continue to give the command.

Sit “Che”

  • Hold treat in your hand close to your puppy’s nose.
  • Move your hand up, with him looking at the treat.
  • Once the dog is in a sitting position, command “Sit” (“Che”) give the puppy the treat.

Stay “Theng”

  • First command  your dog to “Sit.”
  • Use both of you hands, facing outwards, showing palms of your hands to the dog an say “Stay” (“Theng”).
  • You take a few steps back. Without letting the dog come forward  Give him with a treat if your dog stays.
  • Increase the steps backwards, before giving the treat.

Stand/Up “Kia”

  • When your dog is in a sitting position
  • Hold a treat near your dog’s nose, say “stand” (“Kia”) lower down the treat to your puppy’s nose, directing him/her to stand.
  • Repeat many times for your dog to understand this command.


Cutting back on treats

Eventually you will need to give the command without a treat. Letting the puppy know that sometimes there are no food rewards. But always praise your pet and show affection if they does the command.

Start by giving treats only 9 times out of 10 times, with a empty hand without any treat. Then cut back to 8 out 10, then 7 out 10 and gradually reducing.

What do you think of these methods are they useful ? Do share what command you give to your dog. Every pet parents have their own unique way, share some at the comments below.

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