Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup Size) 1.1kg

Yorkshire Terrier for sale in Singapore


Yorkshire Terrier

HDB Approved: Yes

Gender: Male

Color: Black & Tan

Date of Birth: October 2021

Price: $9300

Location: Kensington Square


A puppy Yorkshire Terrier in Singapore will be well loved by everyone. They are always brave and ready for any adventure. They are loving and very loyal to owners.


Yorkshire puppies are very lively and inquisitive and they moves swiftly in light-footed ways.


This is a very good watchdog, they will bark when they see strangers

Yorkshire Terries are bright and quick to learn. But they can be very opinionated, so sometime they dislike teaching them what to do. You can teach dog to listen to your command.


They have keen senses, but that can make them very quick to bark at every new sight and sound. You have to discipline them and be equally quick to stop them from barking too much, otherwise it will become a habit with constant excessive barking.