Parti Poodle Miniature

Parti Poodle for sale in Singapore

Parti Poodle


HDB Approved: Yes

Gender: Male

Color: Parti White & Brown

Date of Birth: August 2021

Price: $7,000

Location: Kensington Square


Parti Poodle in Singapore. These breed of dogs comes with color coat of white coat and with a mix of another color. The color can be on any part of the poodle’s body. They tend to be less common than solid colored poodles. Which makes them unique.


These poodles are sought after by exhibitors for certain specific dog shows. These dogs are very loyal to their owners. There are very smart and easily teachable and enjoy following orders.


Parti Poodles were the real original Poodle breed. It have a sad history, during the 1900s, people started culling Parti Poodles thinking they were defective, because they preferred solid colored Poodles. And they became lesser.


They do not shed hair but require frequent and consistent grooming to keep it in shape. This puppy is very affectionate and suitable for family with children.


These duo colored poodles with interesting combination of color coat are beautiful dogs. They can be a great addition to your family!